Founded in 2018, Prexams (‘’) is a website that allows users to upload, download or share university class material which includes previous exams, student notes, class notes and many others. Our aim is to provide students and teachers with a website application where academic material is shared in order to help them improve their studies and results.
Prexams is available to use completely free of charge so you have to pay nothing to use our services.
Generally, yes, unless you are browsing prexams from Lebanon which are available publically without registration as a limited-time promotion from
The term ‘prexam’ refers to past exams or any old past academic document. This includes but not limited to: homework, class notes or problems, quizzes, lectures, tutorials, syllabi, essays and labs.
You may upload and contribute files to our website by visiting our upload page after logging in to your account. Please note that this feature is not available yet, but our team is working on it.
Yes, you may opt to keep your personal information (such as provided name) fully private and outside users will not be able to access it.
If you have other questions, please visit our contact page